Gift Time


30th October 2020

What a crazy, horrible year 2020 has turned out to be! So many people, families, communities and businesses have had the hardest year on record for quite a few years! 

We have decided to try and turn this years negativity on it's head by launching our #InTheSpiritOfGiving campaign. We always support one of our Local Partner Charities at this time of the year by donating a Christmas Tree to the St. Oswald's Churches 'Christmas Tree Festival' on behalf of North West Cancer Research, but as this isn't possible this year we decided to look at our fundraising and how we could support differently. 

So here is what we are doing: 

1. We are the local collection point for the Charities Christmas Cards for this area of the charity: We are supporting the Fundraiser for North Lancashire/ South Lakes area by providing a location for all their local committees, volunteers and supporters to collect their cards. 

We are collecting the funds and sending them direct to the charity and collecting the order forms and making sure the gift aid section is filled out! 

2. We have created a little range of Santa Letter packs for Purchase. £2.00 from every pack sold is going to the charity! We have sold 50 in the first weekend already! Which means £100.00 to the Charity already! 

3. When customers buy personalised Christmas cards, calendars or gifts from us we are making a donation per order to the Charity!

We are using our small influence to spread the name of the charity and remind customers how easy it is to support local causes! 

The chain reaction created from this idea is amazing! The idea is to show that by that individual choosing to shop local you are not just helping that business, you are helping another business (us) and by helping us you are supporting a phenomenal local charity and cause. 

We want to give everyone that Christmas feeling of giving - that amazing feeling of giving someone a gift, showing you are thinking of them! By choosing to shop and buy locally you are giving back and its benefit keeps on giving. 

We would love to hear what you have all been doing this year to help support your community, family or friends!!